The Importance of Herbal Medicine in Modern Society

Despite the large and growing arsenal of drugs and surgical interventions available to (most of) the global public, the importance of herbal medicine has not diminished ‘ in fact, herbal medicine may be more important than ever. With advances in research on herbal medicine, we may be entering the golden age of herbs. Join us as we look at three reasons why herbal medicine is important in the twenty-first century.

1. Herbal Medicines Have Broad-Spectrum Effects

The human body is complex, and so are the plants that we’ve traditionally used for food and medicine. When you think about a single banana, you have a complete package of natural unrefined sugars, fiber, potassium, antioxidants, and a host of other vitamins and minerals. At the end, the peel can be chopped up and thrown in the compost. This is in contrast to refined white sugar that lacks the fiber of whole cane sugar and leads to obesity and type II diabetes.

Herbs work much the same way. An herb used as medicine can perform multiple health-supporting functions and creates no toxic waste that has to be gotten rid of in the end. Even if synthetic drugs need to be used from time to time, herbal medicine is still important for restoring balance after you’ve completed the treatment.

2. Herbal Medicines Are More Cost-Effective

It is estimated that 75% of the world’s population continues to rely on herbs for their basic healthcare needs. Why? Because herbs are easily accessible and inexpensive. Compare a no-cost cup of chamomile tea from the garden to a $9’17 pack of cholesterol-lowering statin pills from the pharmacy for the exact same problem of high cholesterol, and you’ll start to get the idea.

With half of the world’s population lacking access to appropriate healthcare and 100 million people driven to poverty by health-related costs (according to the World Health Organization), it’s not hard to see why the importance of herbal medicine continues to be paramount in modern times.

3. Herbal Medicines Are Now Supported by Research

conducting research on herbal medicine

For a few decades in the mid twentieth century, the importance of herbal medicine was consigned to the category of old-wives’ tales and urban myth. However, recent research on herbal preparations over the last 30 years shows that our grandmothers were actually onto something.

This new research on herbal medicine is not only extremely valuable for bringing holistic healthcare back onto the map, it also allows us to find the optimal delivery systems, frequency, and ideal dosages for effectively treating a range of problems.

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