Alternatives to the Toss and Wash Kratom Method

The ‘toss and wash’ kratom method is the most common way of taking Mitragyna speciosa because it’s fast, convenient, and doesn’t require any preparation. With this method, users place their chosen amount of kratom in the mouth and quickly wash it down with water. The alkaloids are absorbed into the body quickly and you can soon enjoy the plant’s stimulating and relaxing effects.

Alternatives to ‘Toss and Wash’

If you need to take a large amount of kratom, simply can’t stand the taste, or would like to mix up your kratom experience, consider these popular alternatives to the toss and wash kratom method:

1. Kratom Tea

Ideal for the stay-at-home man or woman, kratom tea provides an alternative to toss and wash kratom that involves brewing up a dose and drinking the water rather than swallowing the dried leaf powder directly. You can flavor your kratom tea with lemon, ginger, honey, stevia, or mix it with another herbal tea of your choice.

The advantages of using kratom tea include a more relaxing experience and a faster rate of alkaloid absorption. The downside is that you can taste the flavor of the herb for longer than you would with a five-second toss and wash.

2. Kratom with Juice

Another easy alternative to the toss and wash kratom method is mixing a dose of powder into a small glass of fruit juice. If you choose this option, opt for freshly squeezed natural juices like orange juice or watermelon juice to derive the benefits of the fruit itself without loading your body with artificial sweeteners and concentrates.

To make kratom juice as approachable as possible, users place a dose in the bottom of the glass and add just enough juice to achieve a liquid consistency. Too much juice and you could be struggling to make it all the way to the end.

3. Kratom Smoothies

There’s something about smoothies that makes any supplement easier to take. Some users mix up their toss and wash kratom routine by adding a typical kratom dose to the blender along with some plain yogurt, milk kefir, fruit, leafy greens, pre-soaked seeds and nuts, flavored protein powder, or whatever you usually put in your smoothies at home.

The combination of ingredients will provide a welcome distraction from the bitter taste of kratom and users still get to enjoy that quick alkaloid release.

4. Kratom Capsules

herbal vitamin capsules for using kratom

A more sophisticated method for using kratom is to invest in pre-made capsules or to make your own at home. Gelatin capsules can be purchased in regular, kosher, and vegetarian varieties and make it easy to swallow your dose without tasting the kratom at all. While dosage varies greatly, most people find that they can fit their normal dose into 6 – 10 capsules of 500mg each and just have to wait a little bit longer to feel the effects compared to loose powder options.

5. Kratom Tablets

The final alternative to the toss and wash kratom method is to take compact kratom tablets that can be easily swallowed with a sip of water. If choosing this option, make sure that you buy a product that is lab-tested for quality and free from artificial fillers and additives.

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