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The Importance of Herbal Medicine in Modern Society

Despite the large and growing arsenal of drugs and surgical interventions available to (most of) [...]

A Brief History of Herbal Medicine

Herbs today are experiencing a worldwide renaissance, with around 75% of the world’s population using [...]

Different Types of Alternative Medicine

What is now referred to as ‘alternative medicine’ was the standard of care in every [...]

Natural Ways to Boost Your Immune System

Have you ever noticed that there are some people who never (or rarely) seem to [...]

Kratom and Coffee: Champions of the Rubiaceae Family

If you’ve read even a brief introduction to the kratom plant and where it comes [...]

Thailand Kratom Explained

Kratom in Thailand has a long history as a native medicinal leaf used to increase [...]

Why Kratom Herbal Supplements are on the Rise

  A relatively unknown herb in the United States until the early 2010s, the use [...]

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What to Expect from the Koko Kratom Blog!

  When you’re looking for a kratom forum that provides the most reliable and up-to-date [...]

The Importance of Selecting Trustworthy Kratom Vendors

  Farmers, plantation workers, and seafarers in Southeast Asia have used Mitragyna speciosa leaves purchased [...]

A Breakdown of the Different Kratom Products Today

  If you love kratom as much as we do, you’ll be excited to discover [...]