Determining High-Quality Kratom from Afar

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When you shop for kratom online, it can be difficult to determine the quality of the product when you can’t see it, smell it, or touch it for yourself. Here are our top tips for choosing high-quality kratom when you’re shopping online.

1. Variety of Strains

First of all, a company that sells quality kratom is likely to stock a wide variety of strains and will group these according to their color (red, white, green, and special blends). A large range of products means that the company is confident of a high stock turnover and your kratom should be nice and fresh when it gets to your house.

2. Knowledgeable Customer Service Team

The second thing to look for when looking for high-quality kratom online is the knowledge level of the customer service representatives. Do they know where each strain has been farmed and harvested? Can they tell you the pros and cons of the different strains? Do they use the company’s products themselves? The answers to these questions (and any other questions you ask) will provide a good indication about the legitimacy of the company and quality of their kratom.

3. Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are an invaluable source of information when it comes to buying high-quality kratom. Genuine and honest customer reviews (not ones written by the vendor’s aunt or niece) will provide information on:

  • The freshness of the kratom
  • The potential effects of different strains
  • How the strain has helped the customer
  • Shipping times
  • Customer service
  • Complaint resolution

4. In-Depth Kratom Blog


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To back up the level of knowledge held by customer service representatives, a high-quality kratom brand should have a comprehensive blog that educates customers on the history, pharmacology, and uses of kratom. This shows that the company cares about your health and wellbeing and will go above and beyond to provide a superior shopping experience.

5. Lab-Tested and the Results Published

Many online kratom vendors make claims about the purity of their kratom, but few provide evidence to back this up. The highest-quality kratom for sale will be lab-tested for impurities, contaminants (like salmonella), and alkaloid levels. The results of these tests should also be published on the website. If a company says that their kratom is pure or lab-tested, ask to see the results of their analysis and ensure that this information matches the labeling provided on the packet.

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