Indonesian Kratom Strains Explained

As the primary exporter of kratom to the world, Indonesia has become a hub for the cultivation of several different kratom strains ‘ including Borneo, Bali, and Sumatra on their respective islands, as well as Thai and Malaysian strains that are destined for export. The warm, humid climate and volcanic soils provide the perfect place for Mitragyna speciosa trees to thrive and result in an alkaloid profile that varies by region.

What is Indonesian Kratom?

When vendors and kratom users refer to Indonesian kratom, we are usually talking about a different strain entirely that is separate from its Bali, Borneo, and Sumatran cousins and is usually shortened to Indo kratom.

This popular variety is known for its soothing, calming, and mood-boosting qualities and tends to be more on the sedating side when compared to strains from other parts of Southeast Asia. An attractive feature of Indo kratom varieties is that they are said to have a ‘cleaner’ profile with less chance of giving you the ‘wobbles.’ Read on to learn more about what to expect from green, red, and white vein Indonesian kratom varieties.

Green Vein Indonesian Kratom

The most potent of Indonesian kratom varieties, green vein Indo is said to combine pain relief with a pleasant mood boost and a small kick of energy ‘ although some batches may be more sedating than others. Recommended for use in the afternoon or when resting at home.

Red Vein Indo

Perfect for winding down in the evening, red vein Indo has strong analgesic, mood-lifting, and relaxing effects that you’ll appreciate when it’s time to go to sleep. If you would like to enjoy the soothing effects of the strain without quite so much sedation, you could also try mixing this strain with a more energizing one such as white vein Indo or Maeng Da.

White Vein Indo

The most stimulating of the Indonesian kratom strains, white vein Indo may offer a perceived mood boost along with relaxing, and energetic properties. Users recommend this strain for feeling more alert when completing tasks that are mentally strenuous.

Ultra Enhanced Indo

For the benefits of Indo kratom with a little more ‘kick,’ many companies are now offering what is known as ‘Ultra Enhanced Indo’ or UEI kratom. This product is a blend that contains three parts regular Indonesian kratom and one part kratom extract for an enhanced powder that is not quite as strong as a pure extract.

Know What You’re Getting with Koko Kratom

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While we have described the features of some Indonesian kratom strains here in a generalized way, it’s essential to be aware that the alkaloid profiles can vary greatly by vendor and even by batch. That’s why the team at Koko Kratom tests each and every batch of kratom for its alkaloid content and screens the leaf material for potential contaminants. Learn more about our rigorous testing process by contacting us and shop our pure, high-quality kratom online!