Information to Expand Your Kratom Studies

In one short decade, Mitragyna speciosa has gone from relative obscurity to worldwide fame. People who take kratom and follow kratom updates generally know quite a lot about the plant’s origins and maybe even something about its chemical makeup. Meanwhile, there are still large sectors of the population that have never even heard of the plant.

If you feel like you are confident with the basics of Mitragyna speciosa and want to take your kratom studies further, we recommend the following articles and resources for honing your kratom-related expertise:

1. Following “the Roots” of Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa)

This detailed article about kratom was prepared by an international team of researchers and published in the BioMed Research International journal in 2015. It provides an in-depth explanation of kratom’s origins and traditional uses as well as outlining uses and abuses of the plant today.

To expand your kratom studies, have a good read through the article from beginning to end and follow the linked references for more details on each topic mentioned. For anyone wanting to become an expert on kratom, this really is essential reading!

2. Mitragyna speciosa: Clinical, Toxicological Aspects and Analysis in Biological and Non-Biological Samples

Published in March 2019, this article provides an exhaustive summary of current knowledge about the Mitragyna speciosa plant ‘ including traditional uses, chemical makeup, clinical effects, and toxicology. This report, which was written by a team from South America and Europe, goes into greater detail than any previous publication and has been cited by other authors since its release.

3. Kratom Activist Websiteswoman searching for kratom updates

To stay abreast of kratom updates, kratom in the news, and the latest science supporting kratom, kratom activism websites provide an invaluable resource. Here are our top picks for those wanting to further their kratom studies and/or participate in advocacy:

American Kratom Association

The leading association for kratom activism in the States, the American Kratom Association provides a comprehensive list of research articles to support the science behind kratom use and legal updates for states around the country.

By checking in to this site every now and then, you will be able to see which states are considering a kratom ban (or are adopting the Kratom Consumer Protection Act) and can add your voice to advocacy efforts that are going on in your state.

Botanical Education Alliance

Better known as, the Botanical Education Alliance provides information about kratom, testimonies from kratom users, and updates about the legal status of kratom around the world. While the kratom studies and updates on this website are not always as up-to-date as those from the AKA, the hundreds of articles on the site still provide a wealth of information for those wanting to dig deeper.

4. Green Med Info

The final resource on our list, is a comprehensive research database that provides an easy way to search for the latest studies concerning plant medicines and natural health solutions. To find the kratom studies and articles about kratom and health, simply go to the website’s home page and type ‘Mitragyna speciosa’ in the search bar for all the related studies and clinical trials.

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