Malaysian Kratom Strains Uncovered

With its wet, tropical climate and near-constant humidity, the country of Malaysia provides the perfect conditions for Mitragyna speciosa ‘ known locally as ketum ‘ to thrive. Located right in the center of the Southeast Asia region, Malaysia has a long history of kratom use and cultivation, and the plant continues to enjoy immense popularity among locals, even though the sale and possession of the plant has been officially illegal since the passing of the Poisons Act in 1952.

Historical Uses of Malaysian Kratom

Before ketum became a controlled substance, it is said that nearly every town and village had a ketum tea house where infusions of the leaves could be purchased and enjoyed with friends. Although the ketum houses are no longer as common as they once were, ‘air ketum’ is still sold by street vendors and can be purchased for the small price of 4 riggits (up from 2 riggits before the ban).

Another way that Malay kratom was traditionally enjoyed was in the form of a ‘cow-dung cigar,’ in which users would mix powdered kratom leaves with dried cow dung and tobacco and smoke it. While this preparation does not sound particularly appealing to readers in the Western world, dried cow dung was thought to enhance the perceived pain-relieving properties of the leaf.

Where is Malaysian Kratom Harvested Today?

As Malaysian kratom cannot be cultivated and exported from Malaysia itself, the variety that is sold under the label of Malay kratom is generally harvested in Indonesia ‘ in the Kapuas Hulu region just over the Malay border. In Indonesia, kratom is actually illegal for local consumption but can be legally exported to other countries in its dried, unprocessed form.

Discovering the Properties of Malaysian Kratom

Green leafy plants in the jungle of Negeri Sembilan Seremban, Malaysia

Thanks to the unique climate and humidity in Malaysia, kratom leaves sourced from Malaysian kratom varieties tend to be strong in alkaloids and very versatile.

Smooth Stimulation

Users of Malaysian varieties have described the leaves as providing ‘balanced energy,’ with the strongest stimulating effects being felt with low doses and a greater feeling of sedation at high doses. Medium doses are said to provide a smooth energy boost at first, with the more relaxing and sedative effects being felt after a few hours have passed. If you want a strong energy boost along with mood enhancement and pain relief, white Malay kratom is the strain family for you.

Enhances Mental Alertness

For those working in more intellectual jobs or those that require a good deal of concentration, kratom users recommend the white and green strains of Malaysian kratom for their perceived cognitive-enhancing properties. Lower doses have been reported by users to be sufficient for hitting that sweet spot of feeling awake and alert.

Non-Sleepy Pain Relief

Of the three main types of Malay kratom, red vein Malay has been reported by users to possess the strongest feelings of relaxation and euphoria without being quite as sedating as Bali or Sumatra strains. For individuals seeking potential pain relief but need to stay alert, you’re better off going for the more versatile and well-balanced green vein variety of Malaysian kratom.

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