Thailand Kratom Explained

Kratom in Thailand has a long history as a native medicinal leaf used to increase energy and stamina. An evergreen plant in the Rubiaceae family that grows naturally in the southern part of Thailand, kratom leaves have been used both by manual laborers and in traditional medicine. They became especially popular as a cheap (or free) alternative to opium until they were officially banned in the Kratom Act of 1943. Learn more about the properties of Thailand kratom and where these strains could be headed in the future.

How is Kratom in Thailand Different From Other Varieties?

Boost your energy with Thailand kratom

While we know that Mitragyna speciosa is just one species, geographical distance has resulted in distinctive strains developing over time. Compared to kratom from Malaysia or Indonesia, kratom for Thailand is especially popular for its characteristic aromas:

  • Very energetic
  • Great for productivity
  • Helpful for focus
  • Ideal for endurance

If you’re looking for an energy boost, Thailand kratom might be even better than coffee ‘ it lasts longer, it won’t give you the jitters, and it even offers moderate relief from pain. Be wary of using a Thai strain at night, though, as this stimulating variety could keep you awake.

The Controversial Role of Kratom in Thailand

While kratom in Thailand has officially been banned since 1943, Thai varieties are currently being grown on the islands of Indonesia. Just as in Malaysia, the Thai authorities restrict kratom cultivation, but much of the population still uses the plant. Some of the most common preparations involve drying the kratom leaves and eating them with chili, and a homemade cocktail called 4×100 after its four main ingredients: kratom, Coca-Cola, cough syrup, and ice.

In a positive move, Thailand’s government legalized kratom, along with cannabis, for medical purposes at the end of 2019. We hope that this loosening of the kratom ban will result in a solid body of clinical research, and we’ll hopefully see more Thai kratom appear on the market in the coming decades!

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