The different forms of Kratom


If you have come across this product called Kratom recently and are confused about how to use it and its potential effect, this article is going to help you. First, let us start by telling you a little about Kratom.

So what exactly is Kratom? It is an ‘herb’ coming from the leaves of a tree native to Southeast Asia region. It is believed that just like marijuana, Kratom leaves have been used over the ages as an ‘herbal drug’ for different curative purposes.

However, this does not mean that the modern science or researchers approve of such claims. In fact, there’s very little known about this herb. There are multiple ways in which Kratom can be consumed.

Here are some ways:

In the native places where the Kratom tree grows, its fresh leaves are chewed directly by the people but if the leaves turn dry, it becomes difficult to chew them.

Therefore, the most preferred method of consuming Kratom is by crushing the dried leaves until it turns into powder form and then swallowing it with water or any other liquid.

Now, obviously finding dried Kratom leaves and grinding them is a cumbersome task. You don’t have to do all that to get finely ground high-quality Kratom. You can check out an amazing range of products on our site.

The website explicitly mentions that the US FDA has not approved the herb for internal use or human consumption. It is being sold ‘for incense or ethnobotanical research purposes,’ the website states.

Some other popular ways of consumption that people prefer are by making tea using Kratom leaves or mixing Kratom powder in yogurt, shakes, chocolate milk, etc.

Kratom capsules

While the best way is to consume Kratom in powdered form, you can also find Kratom capsules sellers online. On the other hand, you can make Kratom capsules yourself.

But one of the biggest drawbacks of this method is that a capsule can only contain a limited quantity of Kratom powder which means you might have to take perhaps more than 7-8 capsules to reach the optimum dosage.

Kratom capsules are usually preferred by individuals because it masks the taste of the herb. But then, you can always mix the powder in a chocolate shake or other liquids to mask its taste.

Can you smoke Kratom?

This is perhaps the most pertinent question because a lot of people tend to compare the herb with marijuana which is usually consumed by smoking the crushed leaves.

The same can be done with Kratom leaves but again this might not be a good option if we talk about the results. This is because the number of dried leaves that would be needed to constitute a typical dose would be too high.

So if next time someone asks you if Kratom can be smoked, just tell them that it is an impractical option.

Let’s take a break here because we have already talked about different ways of consuming Kratom, options like Kratom capsules and possibility of smoking Kratom.

While deliberating on these points, we have mentioned about the proper dosage requirement so let’s focus a little more on that for your better understanding.

Kratom hangover

Can Kratom lead to a hangover? There is very little information available about the herb but this much is known: consuming Kratom in higher quantities can lead to feeling nauseous and even vomiting.

Therefore, always avoid high quantities. At the same time, make sure that you do not consume it on an empty stomach but also do not eat too much right before taking it.

Kratom also dehydrates your body so drink loads of water before and after consuming it. Can all these effects be categorized as Kratom hangover? Probably not but that doesn’t mean taking high quantities of this herb is completely risk-free.

Another important point to be noted here is the risk of mixing Kratom with other drugs and alcohol. We all know the dangers of mixing different drugs and so avoid any such experiment.

Kratom and alcohol

Can Kratom and alcohol be taken together? The answer is no. If we talk about the effects of Kratom on the human body then it is that it acts as a stimulant which means it temporarily lifts mood and reduces irritability.

On the other hand, alcohol acts like a depressant which means it inhibits the functioning of the nervous system. Mixing a stimulant with a depressant can be potentially dangerous so it is better to avoid taking Kratom and alcohol together.

Having said all that, Kratom is still safe if not consumed regularly or if it is completely restricted for external usage. For an average consumer, the best option is to buy good quality Kratom powder from a reliable source.

One of the best types of Kratom available in the market is the maeng da kratom. It is the strongest Kratom strain available in the market today and is known for its ‘euphoric’ and ‘energizing’ effect (as per Shamanic accounts).

Although it is recommended that Kratom should be used only for recreational purposes and not as a performance-enhancing drug, it’s regular use should also be avoided.

Hope our article helped you understand the do’s and don’ts for using Kratom. If you have any feedback or suggestions, send us an email at or use our Contact Us page.