What to Expect from the Koko Kratom Blog!

When you’re looking for a kratom forum that provides the most reliable and up-to-date information, it can be hard to cut through user opinions and get to the facts. At Koko Kratom, we’re here to provide the top information from trustworthy sources so that you can be an informed consumer. Discover five ways in which we are providing a better customer experience with our research-based, in-depth kratom blog:

1. Learn about the History of Kratom

One of the best ways to appreciate an herb’s benefits (and its risks) is to learn about where that herb originated and how it was used in traditional societies.’

Taking a Lesson from Coca-Cola

Take Coca-Cola as an example. The two main ingredients in this sugary, highly-processed brand of soda were originally sourced from plant-derived extracts in their respective cultures of origin ‘ the coca leaf in the South American Andes and the kola nut in tropical Africa.’

While the unprocessed coca leaves and kola nuts are used as safe natural stimulants in their native cultures, the synthetically-processed soda version has been found to contribute to heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity.’

Keeping Kratom Authentic

As an informed consumer of kratom, it’s essential that you know the origins of kratom and traditional uses of kratom as a folk remedy by reading about them on our kratom blog. That way, you will be able to utilize our kratom powders in ways that have been tried and tested over centuries to avoid potentially harmful extracts, enhanced products, and kratom cocktails that are promoted on kratom forums around the web.

2. Find Out What the Research Says

woman doing clinical research


Any good kratom blog will explain the science behind kratom’s effects so that you can understand the pharmacology of kratom and be in the know about the most recent scientific breakthroughs.

Understanding the science behind kratom also provides you with tools that you can use to talk with your family and friends about the safety and potentials of this traditional herb. Hearing about kratom from a well-researched user is much better than relying on sensationalist news stories for the facts!

3. Discover Tips from Experienced Kratom Users

Kratom blogs and kratom forums are filled to the brim with tips on how to utilize kratom, what to mix (and not mix) with kratom, and how to determine doses. In the Koko Kratom blog, we’ve synthesized the most helpful kratom usage tips to provide you with quick-start guides that you can put into practice right away.

In the well-informed posts published in our kratom blog, learn how to take kratom to best effect and find your ideal strain with our strain comparison guides. If there are other kratom strain or how-to posts that you’d like to see in the future, please be sure to let us know!

4. Stay Abreast of Legal Developments

As you probably know, kratom and the FDA are not getting along very well right now. Part of our mission with the Koko Kratom blog is to keep you updated about kratom bans and let you know where we can and can’t ship our products.

Because of the mixed media reports surrounding kratom and its safety, many kratom users are beginning to engage in kratom advocacy to provide their local representatives with accurate information about kratom. Additionally, they’re campaigning for a more widespread adoption of the Kratom Consumer Protection Act (KCPA).’

Upgrade Your Experience with Koko Kratom

At Koko Kratom, we are already ahead of the curve with our rigorous lab testing for alkaloids and contaminants. Our comprehensive kratom blog, same-day shipping, and free postage on orders over $50 are just three more ways that we’re providing our customers with a superior kratom shopping experience. Check out the fascinating articles in our blog and browse our complete range of premium kratom powders today!