Why Kratom Herbal Supplements are on the Rise

A relatively unknown herb in the United States until the early 2010s, the use of kratom herbal supplements has experienced an unprecedented boom over the last ten years. Estimates from the American Kratom Association place the number of Americans who use kratom daily at upwards of 15 million ‘ compared to an estimated 5 million kratom users only a few years ago.

So what is causing the increased popularity of kratom supplements and what does this mean for the future? Read on to discover the primary factors behind the kratom explosion in the United States and around the world.

Pain Relief

The first and most important reason why kratom herbal supplements are on the rise is that people are looking for more natural ways to manage their pain. According to a 2018 report from the Center for Disease Control (CDC), one in five American adults suffers from chronic pain, with 8% experiencing pain so severe that it limits one or more of their major life activities.

The conventional treatment for chronic pain involves the use of prescription opioid painkillers such as morphine, oxycodone, and hydrocodone. Unfortunately, opioid drugs like morphine are known to be highly addictive and can cause serious or life-threatening breathing problems. In 2017 alone, 47,600 Americans died due to an opioid overdose.

A Safer Alternative

The availability of kratom herbal supplements through online vendors and herbal shops in the United States provides a more natural alternative that doesn’t cause any significant side effects at moderate doses and has not been proven to cause a single death when taken alone in its pure, unadulterated form.’

For many kratom users, the relief provided by kratom has enabled them to get their lives back to varying degrees. Kratom supplements have also been said to help thousands of Americans leave prescription and illicit opioids for good.

Relief from Anxiety

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Pain relief is not the only reason that more and more Americans are looking to kratom herbal supplements. Another major reason for kratom’s booming popularity is its potential to improve mental health. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, 18.1% or around 40 million Americans over 18 suffer from anxiety disorders each year. Interestingly, anxiety-related symptoms have been shown to improve with kratom use ‘ according to a systematic review conducted in 2018.

Energy Boost

A third and no less important reason kratom use is spreading is to provide an energy boost for the 38’40% of Americans who wake up feeling poorly rested most days of the week. Many who previously struggled to get out of bed in the morning have claimed they’re more productive when they take kratom herbal supplements ‘ thanks to kratom’s natural stimulating properties.

Will the Popularity of Kratom Herbal Supplements Continue to Rise?

The three-fold increase in kratom use in America over the last few years suggests that the benefits of this popular herb will continue to be discovered by a larger and larger Western audience. However, aggressive campaigning against kratom by the FDA means that educating our policymakers about accurate, up-to-date kratom science is becoming more important than ever.

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