Why Kratom Leaf is Still Popular Today

Advances in Western medicine mean that we can pop a pill for nearly any affliction and experience relief within minutes. So why are traditional remedies like kratom still so popular and why are millions of Americans looking for kratom leaf for sale online? Join us as we explore the history of prescription pills vs. herbs and explain what lab technologies could mean for ethno-medicines in the future.

A Brief History of the Pharmaceutical Industry

Before the dawn of the modern pharmaceutical industry in the mid- to late 1800s, local apothecaries in the developed world sold non-standardized traditional remedies like kratom leaf for sale that had developed through centuries of folk knowledge. Across Europe and the New World, printed ‘herbals’ were commonplace and consulted for everything from the common cold to more serious conditions.

In the second half of the 19th century, the German apothecary Heinrich Emanuel Merck combined the experimental values of the enlightenment with the new technologies of industrial production to isolate alkaloids from plant matter (similar to the alkaloids that are present in kratom leaves for sale today). This pioneering experiment eventually changed the face of medicine.’

The New Drugs of the Twentieth Century

Demand for Pfizer’s new painkillers and antiseptics skyrocketed during the American civil war and the popularity of pharmaceuticals continued to grow with Bayer’s aspirin in the 1900s. In the inter-war years, insulin and penicillin were developed, and the newly-developed contraceptive pill led to a genuine social revolution in the 1960s.

Alongside the booming pharmaceutical industry, herbal remedies like kratom leaf for sale continued to be used on an informal basis, and knowledge about these traditional home treatments were passed down from generation to generation.

‘Progress’ Comes at a Cost

While the industrialization of medicine allowed for standardized formulas and the development of controlled clinical trials, chemical-based drugs made in a laboratory have not been without their drawbacks ‘ especially compared to the relative safety of remedies like pure and fresh kratom leaf for sale.

One of the downsides to chemical medicine compared to kratom leaves for sale is the long list of risks and side effects that comes with each drug (you can read through the risks of taking aspirin here). The continuing American opioid crisis beginning in the early twenty-first century has also shown us that addiction to prescription drugs can be just as real and just as dangerous as addiction to illegal drugs like heroin.

Rediscovering Ancient Traditions


An elderly woman sitting next to red flowers and smiling.


To avoid some of these side effects and reduce long-term damage to the liver and other organs, millions of Americans are turning away from prescription drugs and back to traditional remedies like kratom leaf for sale to deal with long-term problems like stress, pain, and fatigue.’

Choosing this more ‘artisan’ approach to health has meant that kratom users have had to become the experts on things like product purity, strains, dosage, and interactions with other drugs. Self-medicating with herbs like kratom leaf for sale also has legal implications in the sense that the user is accepting responsibility for the results of their decisions.

Enjoy the Best of Both Worlds with Koko Kratom

Hopefully, a revival of traditional remedies paired with the values of the enlightenment point to a brighter future for herbal medicines like kratom leaves for sale. The advances in science that gave us pills are now being used to explore the pharmacology of kratom and pave the way for standardized extracts that might eventually be added to pharmacy shelves after extensive clinical testing.

At Koko Kratom, we are using the best laboratory technologies to ensure that our kratom leaf powders for sale are free from contaminants and do not contain unnatural percentages of alkaloids like 7-hydroxymitragynine. You can learn more about our kratom by reading our About page and enjoy free shipping when you shop our premium kratom powders online.