White Borneo Kratom

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Size: 1 Kilo
When you are looking for kratom that is pure and abundant in natural alkaloids, look no further than our white Borneo kratom. Harvested from the ecosystems in which it has grown for generations, this leaf is all-natural, sustainable, and contributes to the livelihoods of Indonesian families.

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An Energizing Aroma for Daytime Enjoyment

Customers shopping for white Borneo kratom are often those who need a little help getting up and energized. With this premium white Borneo powder, you'll find the stimulating aroma you're looking for.

In contrast to the coarse-ground powders available from many kratom vendors, our white vein kratom strains are micro-powdered into a fine, floury texture that's not harsh or difficult to use. We're sure that experienced kratom enthusiasts will notice the difference immediately!

Your Trusted Supplier of Pure, Lab-Tested Kratom

With news stories about kratom often framing the herb in a negative light, it's refreshing to find a vendor like Koko Kratom that takes responsibility for selling only pure, uncontaminated kratom.'

Our kratom has been shown through lab testing to be free from heavy metals and pesticide residues and you can even find out exactly how much Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine (7-OHM) your powder contains. Read our blog to learn more and shop our white vein kratom today.