White Horn Kratom

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Size: 1 Kilo
White horn kratom
is similar to any other kind of Mitragyna speciosa in many ways except for the shape of the leaf. While most kratom leaves are long and ovular in shape, some leaves can be found that display a distinctive ‘horned’ look. Our white horn powder is made from these unusually shaped leaves.

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A Stimulating, Uplifting Strain

As a kind of white kratom, this strain is harvested from leaves with white veins on the underside and is dried without exposure to sunlight or lamplight. This process results in an aroma that is stimulating, energizing, and uplifting'the perfect complement to a busy day!

Feeling lethargic and unmotivated? Add some white horn kratom to your routine and find the quantity that works best for you. You might also like to try our complete collection of white-vein kratom powders to compare the aromas and find your personal favorite.

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